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yarnalong's Journal

Yarn-A-Long 2007
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A knit, crochet, and other yarn craft community for making our December gifts on time.
The Yarn-A-Long 2007 is for community members to create crafts and work on projects together.

The theme is: December Holiday Gift Giving! You know you make stuff every year, and you know you wait 'til the last minute to start at least four of those presents. Every year you probably say you'll start earlier, next year. Well, now's your chance!

Make a list of the projects you're going to be making for the Yarn-A-Long. You can have as few or as many projects as you like. Then, as you work on them, you can keep us appraised of your progress as we talk about our own successes, failures, and OMG what was I thinking? Get ideas, inspiration, links to helpful tutorials, and be tempted to buy more yarn than you really need. It's all good!

The deadline is whenever you need it to be to give your gift by the December holiday of choice. (You're also welcome to make things for birthdays, weddings, or whatever, but the intent is to get ready for the gift-giving season that happens in December. We totally won't tell if you make something to give in January.)

Feel free to use censorship if you're worried about your recipient seeing the gift or hearing about it! You can post friends-locked to the community, or just refer to it as "Secret Item #4". Any pictures should be artfully taken to disguise the actual secret item, of course.

Questions? Feel free to ask.